Working Our Victorious Faith
Bishop Alex D. Byrd
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Working Our Victorious Faith

Annual Theme 2017

In January 2016 when Pastor Gulley proclaimed that this would be our year of Completion, Transformation and Vindication we did not know that we would endure the things we did. However, I have found that with every new level of anointing in my life there has been an equally powerful trial or tribulation. Praise be to God, PODCC, we have overcome the test. We have seen the completion of one phase of our ministry, the transformation into another and the vindication of our success. That's shouting material.

When we get through shouting about crossing the proverbial Jordan river, we must settle down to the work that is before us. God did not complete us, transform us and vindicate us so that we can sit down and do nothing. No! We are called to a higher level of service, accountability and integrity. We are going to have to increase our faith in 2017.

For this reason, I am declaring that 2017 is the year that PODCC is Working our Victorious Faith. The book of James, highly contested by some ancient theologians, provides for us the scriptural basis for our theme. In this book, the Apostle challenges the idea that faith can exist without works. What I believe he is saying is that faith necessarily produces work. The only way we can truly know that we believe something is how we act upon it.

This year in our WORSHIPgroove and SPIRITgroove we will focus our attention of understanding, challenging and strengthening our faith in God. As a church called to be a Christian voice for justice, our faith is the only thing that will help us change the world. You do know we can change the world, right? Well, let our works match our faith and make it so.

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